World of Coca-Cola

May 14, 2013

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Secret Formula - 1905

Yesterday I was interviewed by Good Morning America about a Georgia man who claimed to have the secret formula for Coca-Cola.  Last week, I had seen an eBay listing for a document that was being offered with a "buy it now" price for the princely sum of $15 million.  While careful to indicate that he could not guarantee it was authentic, the seller had a document that he purported was a version of our secret formula.  I chuckled when I saw the listing, because as you can see from the photo above, people have been claiming to know the formula for more than a century.  The price does appear to have increased a little though!

Click the image above to watch the the segment from Good Morning America, but you can sleep easy and save your money.  The seller does not have the secret formula for Coca-Cola. The formula is safely locked away in the Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. 

Thanks to the millions of people who love Coca-Cola, the secret formula has a tremendous mystique in American pop culture, as was shown a few years ago when an episode on the formula aired on This American Life. This episode caused their servers to crash because of the number of hits they received. As one might expect this eBay listing created quite a bit of media interest including Good Morning America, and other media outlets have been calling for more information.  My answer is always the same.  The formula is safe and sound in the vault at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. ^TR

September 15, 2010

You Can Share Your Coca-Cola Photos On flickr

With Bear at World of Coke The Coca-Cola Company recently launched a sponsored group on the photo-sharing site, flickr.  I have used flickr for years and love it, but if you are new to the site, they boast over 52 million members with over 3.2 million photos added each day.  We will periodically use the site to upload images from the Archives or from our collections.

Check out the site today and start sharing photos of your collection.  I just added this photo of me with the bear as well as the Baird clock in the milestones gallery.  It was pretty easy to do.

June 04, 2010

Horse Racing and Coca-Cola

Man o war, belmont stakes-1 Tomorrow is the final leg of the Triple Crown - the Belmont Stakes in New York. In 1947, Coke printed a poster series, called "All Time Favorites" and Man O' War was the All Time Racing Favorite, having won the Belmont Stakes in 1920. Only two animals were featured in the poster series, Man O' War and the hunting dog, Colonial Lady M. 

In the World of Coca-Cola, Sports and Entertainment gallery, other posters from the series are on display. Don Budge - tennis, Bobby Jones - golfing, Helene Madison - swimming, Ty Cobb - baseball, and Red Grange - football.

Today, this Man O' War poster would be worth $200 and the complete set of 10 posters in the original envelope would be worth $4,000.

May 28, 2010

Memorial Day and Coca-Cola

W2531-lo Since Memorial Day weekend is upon us, I wanted to highlight a photo in the World Of Coca-Cola World War II exhibit.  When WWII started, Robert Woodruff stated that American GI's should be able to purchase a bottle of Coke for 5 cents regardless of where they were stationed. Soon after plant operations were developed so that Coke could be shipped to foreign countries.  In this photo, a soldier is unloading crates of Coke at the supply depot in Italy during the War.  Soldiers were also issued ration cards to keep track of the number of Coke's they received each week.

So, this Memorial Day weekend, enjoy a Coke and the official beginning of summer.


May 21, 2010

LeBron James and NASCAR Hood

Lg_lebron_james_labonte_flava23-hi-lo In celebration of NASCAR Day 2010, I've decided to featurea NASCAR hood that is on display at the World of Coca-Cola in the Sports and Entertainment Gallery.  While it might seem unusual to pair basketball and car racing, LeBron James was featured on a NASCAR hood as a sponsor of Powerade in 2005.  NASCAR Day is the third Friday in May and falls on May 21st this year. This day highlights charitable organizations that benefit children and adults alike.

When we were installing this hood in the display case, it was initially too wide to fit in the case. As a last resort, our exhibit designers decided to bend the hood as much as possible until it narrowly squeezed in.

January 29, 2010

Spotlight on The World of Coca-Cola - 1953 Football Play Refreshed Poster

African American Football Players Coke Ad W0158
As we come to the end of the football playoffs and we prepare to enter Black History month, this poster in the World of Coca-Cola is relevant for both. You'll find this 1953 poster in the loft area at the New World of Coke, which is decked out with Coke memorabilia from over a century. It features Pro Football Hall of Famers Marion Motley, Bill Willis and Emlen Tunnell, and Leonard Ford. If you get close enough to read the fine print, you'll see that Motley is called a "Powerful Fullback", Willis a "Panther-Like Guard", Tunnell a "Spectacular Safety Man" and Ford a "Giant Wingman." Motley and Willis were also the first to break pro football's color barrier.

January 08, 2010

Spotlight on The World of Coca-Cola - Alabama Crimson Tide

Commemorativebottlebearbryant-loI enjoyed watching the BCS Championship game last night and want to congratulate the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning their eighth College Football Championship and first since 1992. 

We have a bit of Alabama football heritage that is on display at the World of Coke.  Next time you visit, make sure to check our the Collectors Corner in the Pop Culture Gallery.  We have a number of commemorative bottles on display including the Bear Bryant bottle.  This bottle celebrates the "Winningest Coach" and has the slogan, "Coke and the Bear, a winning pair."  Roll Tide.

December 25, 2009

Spotlight on The World of Coca-Cola - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Today, for our Spotlight on the World of Coca-Cola feature, I'll share with you this 1905 holiday themed red bell with a bow on top and holly with berries. This was a Christmas cutout with the Drink Coca-Cola, 5 cents advertisement. I hope you have a great holiday.

1905 Christmas Bell Coca-Cola 5 cents

December 18, 2009

Spotlight on The World of Coca-Cola - The Sundblom Coca-Cola Santa Wall

1936 Coca-Cola Santa by Haddon Sundblom
Last year, I told you about the artist behind the Coca-Cola Santa, Haddon Sundblom. You may know that his Coca-Cola Santa creation transformed what was to be a simple campaign into a holiday tradition that has charmed the public for more than 75 years, but did you know that you can get a close up glimpse of his original Coca-Cola Santa paintings at the World of Coca-Cola? In the Pop Culture Gallery, there is a complete wall display of eleven Sundbloom paintings, including the two seen here. Our entire collection of original Sundblom paintings of Santa Claus consists of more than 40 in all. Most of the original paintings have been exhibited in several prestigious museums and venues around the world, including the Louvre in Paris, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the Isetan Department Store in Tokyo and the NK Department Store in Stockholm.

1951 Coca-Cola Santa by Haddon Sundblom

December 11, 2009

Spotlight on the World of Coca-Cola: Crosley Bottle Radio

Crosley Radio The first bottle radio to be distributed as a promotional item was the bottle radio manufactured by the Crosley Radio Corporation in 1933. The radio, composed of hard plastic, stood 23 inches high and weighed almost 15 pounds. These radios were given to customers in the hope that they would be displayed prominently in the retail outlet, creating an additional advertising opportunity. The radios originally were sold to the bottlers for $18.75 each, a significant sum in the 1930s. Only high volume retail outlets were beneficiaries of this promotional item.Today, these radios are highly collectible, typically selling in the $7000-$8000 range for samples in good condition.

An interesting side note:By the 1920s, the Crosley Radio Corporation was the largest manufacturer of radios in the world.Its owner, Powell Crosley, Jr. purchased the Cincinnati Reds professional baseball team in 1934, just a year after the bottle radio was introduced, and the home field of the Reds was renamed Crosley Field, a name it retained until 1970.